Our measures regarding the corona virus

Our measures regarding the Coronavirus and thus the health for everyone, Verkooyen Machines and Verkooyen Verhuur take measures to prevent possible spread as best as possible.

Despite the social circumstances, our location is simply open and we want to continue to provide you as a customer or relationship with machines, service and advice.
Below you can read what we do against the Coronavirus:

Limit your visit to our location in Vessem. Only come when absolutely necessary;
During a necessary visit, please keep approx. 1.5 meters away with our employee (s);
Avoid physical contact, so no handshake on arrival and departure (but that doesn't mean you don't deserve it);
Sick, weak or snotty? Be sensible and postpone your visit to our location or contact us by telephone, we may come a long way;
For maintenance, repairs or picking up / returning a machine from the rental facility, park the machine on our premises within the fencing.
We will contact you when the repair is ready.
For rental please report by phone (0497-59 42 42);
Order and / or schedule maintenance and / or parts by telephone or e-mail;
Postpone maintenance if possible.
For maintenance or faults on location, we use the following measures:

When you call or e-mail for a malfunction or maintenance, we will ask additional questions by telephone about the situation and / or seriousness. In this way we inventory how we can minimize human contact and how we can best respond to it;
Our mechanic visits your location by appointment only and will use the hygienic protocols and distance guideline;
Our mechanic avoids purchase chain and canteens and will spend his breaks in the service bus.
For the time being, we have no problems with our stocks. We try to keep this as much as possible. However, we are also dependent on the changing and uncertain circumstances, both as a result of government measures or from supplies from our suppliers. We hope that, given the circumstances, you can understand this.

We hope that you respect our measures so that we can guarantee the health of you and our employees so that we can continue to provide you with good service, parts and machines in these circumstances.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and do not hesitate to contact us by telephone if you have any questions or comments.