Welcome to Verkooyen Verhuur, the lessor who, in addition to being a lessor, is also a user of the machines and can therefore advise you as best as possible.

Verkooyen Verhuur is the business rental specialist of only the very best earth-moving machines and equipment without an operator.

We regularly expand our rental fleet, so for the most up-to-date overview, check out our website or ask one of our rental employees.


Some advantages of renting at Verkooyen Rental:

- Wide range of machines
- Service and maintenance on location
- Extended opening hours
- Flexible transport options


Business rental

Please note: we only rent out our machines and equipment to professional companies/organizations that are active in the green sector, infrastructure or civil engineering and related sectors. Private renting is unfortunately not possible at Verkooyen Verhuur.


Daily prices and weekly prices

Our daily prices are based on a maximum of 8 operating hours and our weekly prices on a maximum of 40 operating hours. In the event of more operating hours, Verkooyen Verhuur is authorized to charge a surcharge of 2/3 of the price per hour. All our prices are exclusive of VAT.


The tenant must return the good in the same condition as it was received. Cleaning costs can possibly be passed on. The renter is also responsible for the use of the correct fuel and for lubrication of the rented property.


If you decide to rent a machine from us, we only charge a one-off deposit for the equipment to be rented for new customers with the first order.

The amount of the deposit invoice is 4x the weekly rate of the machine. The deposit invoice must be paid prior to the rental period.

After the equipment has been returned, the deposit invoice will be refunded by bank transfer, with or without settlement of any outstanding items (such as rental invoices, fuel and/or damage).

Longer period

Want to rent longer than 3 months? Contact one of our specialists and put together the machine and take advantage of the competitive rates.

Of course, a hire-purchase construction is also a possibility. You rent the machine for a fixed period and you take it over after a certain time.


Rental price includes third-party liability insurance extra, with € 3000, - excluding VAT deductible per event.

Third-party liability insurance also excludes damage to goods/buildings that the tenant has in his possession or of which the tenant is the owner, lessee, hire purchaser or tenant.

New and second-hand
Wide range
Own workshop