Earthmoving equipment finance lease

Do you want a large investment but a new earthmoving equipment? Leasing is the solution. Via Kubota Construction Machinery Finance you lease a mini excavator, excavator, wheel loader or other machine. We like to tell you more about the opportunities to lease a machine. Please contact us.

Financial lease with low monthly payments
Kubota Construction Machinery Finance works with low monthly payments over a longer period. We support you in this with favorable payment terms that suit your needs. After paying off all lease payments you are 100% owner. The machine of your choice thanks lease within reach without great investment!
Benefits of an excavator or mini excavator leasing
If you lease you will benefit from several key benefits:
You keep working capital free to undertake
Lease is an economical form of financing
Faster and easier than borrowing
You pay a fixed monthly fee for the duration
Lease by De Lage Landen
Kubota Construction Machinery Finance is the online service of De Lage Landen, a leader in the field of financial lease. Our knowledge and experience you quickly find the right financing. The mini excavator or excavator turn quickly after the lease is terminated.